Federally Licensed and accredited fingerprint agency approved by the R.C.M.P.


If you live in Australia
Certificates can be obtained through the Australian Federal Police (recommended) or the local state police authority.

If you live outside of Australia
Applicant must obtain the certificate through the Australian Federal Police.

 The Australian Federal Police (AFP) provides National Police Checks for:

  • Residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories
  • People seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government
  • People requiring a check under Commonwealth legislation
  • Immigration purposes
  • Overseas employment
  • Adoption, including overseas adoption
  • Visa applications.

Documents Required:

  • Set of Fingerprints
  • Applicable fees
  • Application form
  • A copy of an Australian driver's licence, or another form of acceptable identification (passport, full birth certificate, marriage certificate) must accompany the application. You must provide a certified copy of any non-photographic identification you supply as part of your application.