There are Limitations to a Pardon once granted by the Pardons and Clemency Division of the National Parole Board. Many of the provincial and municipal law enforcement agencies co-operate by restricting access to their records once notified that a Pardon has been granted.
A Pardon granted under the Criminal Records Act applies only to records kept at the Federal Level. Foreign governments including the United States may not recognize a Pardon.  A Pardon will not guarantee entry or visa privileges to another country. A Pardon does not erase the fact that one was convicted of an offence (summary or Indictable).
At the present time the average waiting period for the awarding of a Pardon by the National Parole Board is approximately 18 months after receipt of the Pardon Application.  We understand that the National Parole Board is currently attempting to speed up this process and there are already some instances in which Pardons have been granted within 3 months of submission.