Security Clearance Services

Canadian Fingerprint Agency is a federally licensed, accredited fingerprinting agency approved by the R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) with many years of proven and trusted service. We provide electronic and paper based fingerprinting services for secure, rapid RCMP certificate criminal record verification and police clearance.

NEW. November 11, 2011: 
Public Works and Government Services Canada for Security Screening

Canadian Fingerprint Agency is now able to submit digital fingerprints for the purpose of Personnel Security Screening of applicants in categories such as Reliability Status, Security Clearance, Personnel Security Screening, Control Goods, Contract Security, Organization.

In addition, we can file your applications on line to speed up your clearance.

Electronic Fingerprinting submission in 72 hours,
Reliability Status Screening in 1 month,
Secret Clearance in 6 month and
Top Secret Clearance in 18 months.

Our professional team which includes an employment lawyer, an RCMP accredited fingerprint agent and an industry security screening agent would be pleased to assist you to ensure that your requests are optimized for success.