Federally Licensed and accredited fingerprint agency approved by the R.C.M.P.


Local Requests

Documents required:

  • the original and one self-certified copy of passport,
  • Thai national identification card ,
  • Household registration (if applicable),
  • marriage, divorce and name change certificates and
  • military record (if any),
  • request for police clearance issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (if any),
  • two recent photographs.
  • Foreign residents should submit the original and one self-certified copy of their passport, visa work permit or proof of employment, or proof of stay in Thailand, with two recent photographs.

Non-Resident Requests

Documents required:

  • Three sets of original fingerprints
  • Self-certified copy of passport,
  • Proof of stay in Thailand, visa or work permit or employment
  • A pre-paid registered self-addressed envelope.
  • Application fees
  • Reason of Request for police clearance
  • Two recent photographs